Industrial Visit

2 Days back….

                  I went to two KMF(Nandini) Dairies with Our Principal sir, Marketing Faculty and classmates for the purpose of Industrial Visit.  KMF is using “Nandini” as a brand name to sell their products. Full form of KMF is ” Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited”. It is the second Largest dairy cooperatives amongst the fairy cooperatives in the country. One dairy is named as Bangalore Dairy, Which is at koramangala and the other one is located at yelahanka named Mother Dairy. Pre visit, we don’t know any thing about milk manufacturers. Post visit, we all enjoyed a lot and we observed many things which we are not aware of. Me and my classmates came to know that this is the process manufacturing company.
                 Process manufacturing is associate with the formulas and manufacturing recipes, it means once the process is completed, the output that we are getting from the process cannot be take it back. because the components are added in a way that they cannot separate. For example to produce mango juice from the mango, we have to add some additional flavors like color, extra fragrance and sugar etc., once the juice is produced, we cannot dissemble the ingredients and cannot be put back into a mango. This is the simple example of the process manufacturing.
                 The two dairies that we visited are using fully automated machines for all the processes, it means all the process is automated in order to increase the quality of the product. The staff working in the dairies said that the machines are imported from Germany and Denmark. Inside the dairy, taking photos is prohibited. But we have taken some photos to keep them as a memory and to keep them in the report.
Some photos are shared below…

R&d person is explaining about the different milk products, r&d person is wearing green color
t-shirt. Person who is right side of the r&d person is also working in the Bangalore dairy. The person who is wearing glasses is our Principal. He only initiated this visit.
Group Photo of all members taken by driver. On the left side our marketing professor Shikha Ohja came with her baby deepika. She is very cute child.
We all are drinking Butter Milk at KMF’s  branch Bangalore Dairy.

Milk is gathering from the tanker with the help of machine..
Lots of butter is used in the conversion of the ghee..

This machine is used for milk processing

Paneer is prepared by using this machines

Badam milk bottles are ready for delivery
Milk powder is also packed with the help of machine

This is the packing section

Inside the mother dairy

Amul Ice cream’s are stored in the cold storage

Group Photo at the entrance of the Mother dairy, yelahanka
In this way we enjoyed a lot in both the Milk dairies, we hope that in future we might get a chance to visit more companies and get lot of exposure to the things which we are not aware of.

Yours V@ffU


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